Single Page PPC

React & Refurb

React and refurb approached INIT Digital to generate more business for their company. We created a strategy to run a full-scale single page PPC campaign.

They had a few main goals:
• Generate leads using a single-page PPC campaign
• Drive traffic to their main site
• Increase their online

Low Risk, High Reward

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Marketing is evolving along with the evolving market of client needs. INIT Digital’s new single page PPC solution offers a more personalized approach to reaching target audiences for businesses. Rather than displaying commonly used ad types, single page ads are customized for the person viewing them.

INIT Digital took this evolution in stride by creating a new website that would help React and refurb get new customers through personalized PPC ads.

Why One Page?

The new website promotes the company’s solutions for clients seeking to upgrade their existing service providers. The single page is hyper-forcused on capturing leads, nothing else. This approach offers React and refurb a valuable opportunity to reach potential customers while allowing them to remain focused on their core business practices.

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