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To generate leads, we created a micro-website using INIT Digital’s INIT Lead Generation Platform. This micro-website was the homepage for a PPC campaign that would direct traffic to a lead form. The goal was simple, converting PPC traffic into sales leads. The website is now live and being promoted through PPC efforts.

Micro Sites

When prospects need more information before becoming a lead, a microsite can be used to nurture the prospect and deliver the information they require. 

Being hyper lead capture focused, every aspect of the site is crafted to increase the conversion rates of inbound traffic.

Budgets Big & Small

This campaign also showed that as a business you need to be constantly testing new methods as the results speak for themselves. What the Ridgway campaign shows is that you don’t have to have a huge budget to have hugely successful digital marketing campaigns.

The micro-website was developed quickly and allowed INIT Digital to use PPC traffic to generate a return on investment.

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